For almost two years I work and live in Egypt’s “golden town” El Gouna. When I first arrived I was immediately thinking of street art. There are a couple of works around town but it wasn’t enough. The public wasn’t ready, the scene was undeveloped, the movement was perceived as a child’s splay. The goal was to introduce street art on a larger scale to the brighter audience, to show how street art can change the environment for good and educate people on that topic.

With the help of amazing people I’ve opened “HOOD” a street art museum. Murals which are representing different styles, objects interacting with the environment, sure it wasn’t big enough for the world but for El Gouna it was new and quite unexpected. I’ll make the full story of the Hood a bit later.

Education was one of the biggest parts of the project, so I decided to make a workshop at an abandoned skate park. The theme is the most emotional, symbolic visual of all time — the face, so I called it simply “FACES”. Participants would decorate the barrels which would be exhibited every Friday at the local Marina Street Festival, a festival which is covering one of the largest parts of the town.

Here are the first steps we’ve made. Preparing the ramp for the main mural, delivering the barrels, cleaning the are — done. I’ve ordered the spray pain, it takes around 5 days to deliver, so I need to place something recognizable on the spot to inform people on the upcoming event before the main mural is done. Why not use barrels?


Preparing the barrelsFACES streetart workshopFaces - street art workshop in Egypt

Preparing for the street art workshop

FACES barrel for workshop

Streetart workshop barrels in El Gouna

Streetart workshop barrels in El Gouna, Egypt


Faces workshop