White Farm

Identity and packaging design for the artisan dairy brand from Georgia.

The clean structure of the name using customized Geometria sans-serif is reinforced with a graphic icon with a stylized “W” that evokes the mountainous landscape of Georgia along with a symbol of a barn on the farm. Together the packaging and the logo convey clean, no-nonsense, healthy food direct from the farmer.

White Farm Visual Identity

The visual identity combines a natural palette with the minimalist logo and font to appeal to the eco-friendly international audience that values the quality taste of a product as much as quality and culture of the design. The sophisticated packaging is recyclable, contemporary, and stands out from other brands in that category.

I stripped away all but the most basic elements from the packaging to create a brand and logotype that is as simple and pure as the product itself. My approach is designed to be memorable for customers and easy to choose again even if they don’t remember the name of the brand.All of the elements of the design are consistent with the quality and purity of the product ingredients themselves.

This minimal design also works well when embossed to give business cards a sophisticated and subtle, yet natural feel.

What I did