First Street Art Museum in El Gouna, Egypt

I worked in El Gouna for two years and from the first moment I arrived I was obsessed with the idea of creating a place where street art would flow, a starting point you might say. Urban art in Egypt is not as common as it is in western countries and has not been considered either a viable visual communication nor an authentic artistic message. Using the receiving area of one of the local hotels, I created a space where everyone could become familiar with the medium and offered a glimpse of how contemporary urban art can change the environment.



Besides the art itself, I was especially interested to create and inspire opportunities for interaction and education. With the support of Vlukt, the official Montana cans distributor in Egypt, and Amr Diwan, one of the most famous Egyptian urban artists, we brought to life a series of street-art workshops in El Gouna. Aiming less for skill and style, which can be developed, we wanted to bring out a passion for art that already exists within everyone, just waiting to be unleashed, by providing an opportunity, a little guidance, and few tools.  

From start to finish, this was an independent project where every activity was self-funded and personally designed. We overcame every obstacle and created a lot of interest within the urban culture in three well-attended workshops – in El Gouna and the HOOD area. With success came more support from Coca-Cola which we leveraged into a larger workshop at an abandoned skate park.  By breathing new life into a forgotten venue, we unleashed the rebellious spirit of art, in whatever form it may take with an enthusiastic crowd, and demonstrated, once again, that the process of creation is fun and allows everyone to feel free to become an artist, even if only for a day. We were happily surprised to be able to collaborate with the ADM hip-hop dance school who had a blast with us by giving a performance at the end of the workshop.

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