This is the day. Finally, everything is set and ready. We had 20 registered participants, but we’ve got 30, which is quite impressive knowing the fact that street art scene in El Gouna is not really developed and no one really knows what it actually is — that’s why we are here, making the Workshop. Most of the new “vandals” are 5-15 years old.

30 people, 23 barrels, some acrylic paint, and cans — alchemy of fun. First thing first I’ve made a masterclass: bold expressive shapes with the spray, black outlines using the acrylic paint to finish off the piece. Simple, vibrant, with a nice outcome — anyone can enjoy the process and get decent results.




Sketches — a backbone of a good piece (probably, Titian would have a different opinion on that one). There were a couple of rules. Number one: the main theme of the Workshop is the FACE, so it should be a face of any kind. Number two: do not draw any existing characters (Characters from SpongeBob, Adventure Time or Superheroes etc.), but if you really want to do so, please, put a creative twist on it — it sounds unforgivably cliched but: use your imagination, think original, idea — is the key, skills will follow.


img_0052 img_0093 img_0091 img_0076 img_0061


Let’s start with the real deal. It is not a groundbreaking thought — we all know and admire how kids are able to use colors and shapes in an authentic, fearless, utterly intuitive way but I’ve never thought to see Picasso, Klee, Pollock, Matisse, Basquiat and Haring at one place, ok, probably the outlines not sharp enough for Haring, but you got the idea.


img_0121 img_0269 img_0249 img_0241 img_0231 img_0217 img_0191 img_0190 img_0143


If you think that street art is enough of urban culture for a day, you’re wrong, here’s a closing act — I was thinking of leading the kids in the heart of the town and bomb the hell out of the walls, but we decided to save it for later and have a performance by the ADM Hip-Hop & Urban Dance School. Absolutely amazing!